Would They Make A Good Partner?

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Would They Make A Good Partner?

Their online dating profile seems perfect: they share your love of the countryside and rural life, they’re ready for a new relationship and conversation is flowing easily back and forth as you exchange online messages. So, you set up a date. When it comes to meeting them and the spark is there for sure, you feel that a relationship with them could work. Great! So, it’s time to ask yourself these questions to work out whether they’d make a good long-term partner. Happy dating!

1. You can be yourself

Ever been in a situation or relationship where you feel as if you’re walking on eggshells, watching what you say, and anxious about whether your opinions and actions are ‘right’. We get you. When you’ve meet a ‘keeper’, you’ll be able to speak freely, act naturally and just feel comfortable in your own skin. A sign of relationship success!

2. They are kind

Whether it’s the waiter, bartender, shop assistant or window cleaner. You’ll notice that this particular single treats people well and kindly; no belittling or disrespect involved at all.

3. They surprise you, in a good way

Whether you know it or not, everyone has inherent expectations about behaviours, manners, morals and approach to life. If you spend time with your date and find that they are exceeding your expectations and pleasing you, without even trying, then hold on to him or her!

4. They have good friendships or family relationships

Do they have healthy, positive relationships with those around them? (we all go through ups and downs though, we are realists), then this is a good indicator that a romantic relationship with them would be successful. There are some people out there who are always a victim, who don’t have close relationships with friends or their peers, and it’s never their fault. Be wary of this.

5. They are interested in you and your life

Are they asking question after question, and reacting and really listening to what you’re saying? Hurrah! They have a real and deep interest in finding out about you, and who you are. Make sure you reciprocate!

6. You can have a laugh

Flirting takes many forms, from verbal communication to more subtle, physical signals. We find that many couples who are well-suited are able to have fun and tease, without fear of offence. And that’s the operative word – ‘fear’. That should never, ever come in to your dating vocabulary.

7. They seem content with their life and open to letting you in

We’re not saying that you need to have your life ‘sorted’ before entering in to a new relationship. However, we do find that people who are happy with their lives and can adapt and evolve with grace are usually ready to let someone else in to share that life. And, conversely, are open to trying new elements that are in your life. People who have set patterns or who want to change things, fast, might be a little more tricky in the long-term.

8. They’re straight up

No games, no ‘keeping you waiting’. They text when they say they will, they call, they check in with you. And you don’t have to worry about where you stand. Winner.

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