How To Write An Eye-Catching Online Dating Message

Saturday, April 06th, 2019

How To Write An Eye-Catching Online Dating Message

Picture the scene. You’ve come across someone you like the look of on Muddy Matches and you’d like to get in touch via a direct message. However, when it comes to writing your message you freeze up with a massive bout of writer’s block. So what do you do? Send a generic message that may or may not capture their attention, or follow our tips to craft an enticing email that will get conversation flowing?

An easy choice, no? Here are six tips on how to perfect the art of direct messaging on Muddy Matches.

1. Make sure your own online dating profile is in shape

You’ve been attracted to their Muddy Matches online dating profile, and you want the same to happen to you. Many people, on receiving a message, instantly take a look at the sender’s profile to help them to decide whether to reply or not. So it’s super-important to make sure it’s fully completed, accompanied by great photos and truly represents who you are.

2. Think of a subject line

We’ve all been there – receiving messages that are titled ‘Hello’ or, even worse, ‘Hey’. it doesn’t make you jump off your seat with excitement does it? Take inspiration from their dating profile to create an eye-catching, personalised subject line that grabs their attention.

3. Use their name

It sounds obvious, but mentioning the receiver’s name or username in your message will let them know you’ve definitely read their profile. It also helps you come across as a lot more human and personal. A great start, we think.

4. Ask a question

Imagine that you are talking to this person face to face. What would you want to know? Consider your message in terms of a conversation and the words will flow.

5. Don’t waffle on

It may be tempting to write about yourself at length but this first email is just an introduction. If the recipient likes what you have to say then you can share more further down the line, both on and offline.

6. Don’t take it personally

Not everyone replies to messages. Believe us, it’s nothing to do with you. Just accept it and move on to message someone else.

Do you need any help getting your online dating profile on Muddy Matches up to scratch? Make sure you head here for our advice on putting together a fantastic profile.