How To Enjoy Online Dating

Friday, March 15th, 2019

How To Enjoy Online Dating

Online dating needn’t be scary. Over the years it’s become a more and more popular and successful way to meet a partner. Just take a look at our Muddy Matches success stories to see how fantastic it can be! If you’re new to the online dating world and are a little bit overwhelmed then we hope that these tips set you on the path to a happy, successful dating experience.

1. Have fun

We know that online dating involves putting yourself out there in some way, kind of like when you’re job-hunting. However, remember that finding and looking for love should be an add-on to your life, not the be all and end all! Take the pressure off and enjoy the chance to find out about new people and flirt a little.

2. Enjoy your dates

Dates have moved on from traditional drinks or dinner. At Muddy Matches we love it when people do something a little different for their dates; that’s why we’ve put together these blog posts rammed full of fun, country-oriented dates like cycling, hiking, making things…. Just remember to meet somewhere safe and well-populated on your first few dates – and follow our guidelines for a safe and happy first date.

3. Get your mates around

If the prospect of spending your evenings trawling through online dating profiles by yourself doesn’t sound too appealing then make it into a fun, sociable evening. Get your friends around, make a platter of snacks and drinks and have fun. Very possibly, your friends know you better than you do, so their fresh eyes and perspective might spot someone who didn’t even make it on to your radar.

4. Embrace your singledom

We hate to tell you, but desperation isn’t attractive. What is attractive, we hear you ask? Well, someone who’s happy in their own skin, with plenty of interests to keep them busy but space in their lives and minds for a new relationship. Embrace being single and enjoying things that make you happy. We promise, it’ll make you love being the fantastic catch then you already are.