First Date Conversation Starters

Monday, March 04th, 2019

First Date Conversation Starters

First dates can be nerve-wracking and, even if you’re usually the chattiest of people, you might find yourself lost for words. Thankfully, if you’ve met over Muddy Matches, you’ll already have a love of country life and the outdoors in common. However, if you’re worried about conversation faltering, why not bring up one of these conversation starters to avoid the dreaded awkward silence?


Travel often brings up happy memories, so is a great way to draw your date out from their shell. As well as asking about previous holidays and why they chose to go there, you can find out so much about them from how they spent their time abroad. Remember to ask about dream destinations too – you might find you have something else in common.

Future ambitions

Although people often share details of their current job on their online dating profile, what they do now might not be their actual dream. Ask them about their future ambitions to see another side of them. Very often, their dream job might tell you a lot about their values and character.


You might be familiar with their outdoor hobbies and activities from their Muddy Matches dating profile, but what about the time away from work when they’re not out and about? Show interest in what they do to relax and remember to engage with their answers. Perhaps you have the same taste in films or love nothing more than to while away a winter evening with a jigsaw.

Dream dinner date

Now this is where you get to have even more fun. Asking a date about who they would have on their dream dinner guestlist is a fun way to find out more about their passions and who they admire. You might learn something, too!

Guilty pleasures and annoying habits

Once you know your date a little better and start to relax, introduce some fun topics to have a laugh together. Chatting about you guilty pleasures will make a fun connection, and getting to know their annoying habits means you’re fairly warned for future dates!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our blog on fun first date questions and for more first date conversation tips, take a look at our Muddy Matches blog here.