How to Take a Selfie

Saturday, February 09th, 2019

Photos taken by other people look the most natural and allow you to get your whole face in the photo without having to strain your arm, but we understand that selfies give you the freedom to take an up-to-date photo without having to enlist a friend to help. Here are some tips for taking a selfie for your online dating profile.

Take lots of photos

It doesn’t cost anything to take a series of photographs; so try experimenting with different outfits, different angles and different locations to see which one you prefer. If you have a laptop computer, or a desktop computer you can compare a few photos at a time on your screen.

Consider your lighting

If you look at magazine photo shoots, or even professional family photographs, then you will see that they use bright lights to literally show their model in the best light. If you don’t have access to a bright light, try to stand facing a window in good natural daylight and avoid having a strong light source behind you as it will make you look washed out.

Hold your camera above you

The most flattering angle is one whereby you hold the camera up above you and look up into it. This helps to prevent the look of a double chin and focuses attention onto your eyes as they are closer to the camera. A selfie stick will help you to get the perfect angle.


Instead of a classic selfie ‘duck face’, try to opt for a natural looking smile, which will make you look friendly and approachable and will also soften your face. If it’s difficult to smile on queue, try putting your favourite comedy on when you are taking the photograph, or think back to a moment that really made you happy.

Chose an plain background

Choosing a plain background, like a painted wall, or a blue sky will mean that people focus on your face rather than what is behind you.