5 Things Not to do on a Date

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Your first date is your opportunity to show someone in person how great you really are and to find out if you are wowed by them in return. Going on a date means that your dating profile, photos and messages have all worked, but you still have to show your best qualities to ensure that you get to see them again.

Don’t turn up late

Turning up a few minutes late is perfectly acceptable, but making your date wait for half an hour, or more, shows a lack of respect for them and will put them in a bad mood from the start. You also run the risk of them giving up and going home if you arrive too late.

If you are going to be late, then make sure that you send them a message, or give them a call to let them know how much longer you expect it to take before you arrive.

Don’t be rude to serving staff

If you have had bad service on your first date, try to deal with it in a calm and restrained manner. Shouting at, or ridiculing the serving staff (waiters/waitresses/bar staff) is not a good way to treat them, or to impress your date. Being kind to others will show that you are a good person.

Don’t try to one-up them

Relating to your date’s stories will improve your connection with them, but trying to one-up them will appear rude and arrogant. Instead of answering ‘I ran a marathon last year’, with ‘I run ultra marathons now as marathons are too easy’, try asking them how it went, or say ‘I love running too, I go out as often as I can’.

Don’t rush things

So… you’ve received an invite to your cousin’s wedding, with a plus one… don’t invite your date straight away. Planning your future activities together might seem like a nice idea, but it is a bit much on a first date. Stick to suggesting a second date if all goes well!

Getting distracted by your phone

Unless you desperately need to have your phone on hand, it is polite to keep it out of reach during your date, unless you are showing them photos, or exchanging contact details! Replying to your friends, or checking your social media means that you aren’t giving your date the attention that they deserve.