Festive Messaging Tips

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Sending a message is the best way to secure yourself a date, but many people are put off sending one as they don’t know what to write. The key to a good message is to compliment your recipient, relate to what they have said and ask them a question. Complimenting someone’s profile text, or profile photos shows that you have taken the time to really look through it. Relating to something that they have said, or shown in their photos will convince them that you have something in common with them, which is a great start to a romantic relationship. Asking a question will help them to think about what to say when they respond to you.

So what else should you know about when sending a dating message during the festive period?

Don’t hesitate

We are now in one of the busiest times for online dating,with thousands of new members joining over the period between Christmas and New Year alone, so there will be lots of new people who are keen to start dating. If you send messages early on, it will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Ask about their Christmas

If you are stuck for what to say in your message, you could ask people people how their Christmas was. For example, if they are wearing a Christmas jumper in their profile picture, you could say “I love your Christmas jumper. Did you have a good Christmas?”.

Ask them about their New Year’s Eve plan

Asking about a person’s plans for New Year, or wishing them a Happy New Year is a good way to start a conversation at this time of year. If you want to write something a bit longer, you could tell them about your plans for a night out, or a quiet night in with Jools Holland and a glass of wine.