Christmas Dating Etiquette

Saturday, December 08th, 2018

We’ve entered into the period of Christmas parties; a time when every Tom, Dick and Harry is hosting a festive soiree. If you are part of a couple then you will be invited to parties with your other half, but what happens if you are single?

Don’t take your brand new date to a friend’s party

Picture the scene the Christmas party that you are attending is likely to be packed full of happy couples and you have found a gorgeous date on Muddy Matchesso why not try to combine the party with the chance to meet up with your date? Well, as tempting as it may sound, it is not a smart idea to take a new date to meet your friends straight away. It is a high-pressure situation for your date, you won’t get the opportunity to get to know each other if the party is noisy, you will have to find a way to introduce your date to people and lastly you will feel obliged to spend the entire evening with your date and won’t get to catch up with your friends.

Do arrange a short date

With lots of social commitments and work commitments you might feel like it is sensible to put off dating until January, but it could mean that you miss out on someone whom your have been chatting to. Instead of waiting, you could arrange to meet for a quick drink  so that you can see if you have a spark. If you get on well, then you can arrange to meet for a longer date when you are less busy.

Don’t get too upset if you don’t get an instant reply

Waiting to hear back from someone whom you have sent a message to is really frustrating, especially if you believe that you are perfect for one another, but there’s no need to push them if you don’t hear back from them immediately. Sending someone a message saying ‘why haven’t you replied to me?’ isn’t going to get them to respond to you, but it might just put them off getting in contact with you, especially if they are busy with their Christmas celebrations.

If you are unsure about whether they have read it, you can check to see when their account was last active by viewing the ‘active within’ status on their dating profile.