Keeping the Romance Alive

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

If you take a look at our Success Stories Blog, you will see a selection of some of the stories that were sent into us by the thousands of happy couples who have been matched over the years by Muddy Matches. If you have found love on Muddy Matches (or anywhere else for that matter), here are tips to help you to keep the romance alive.

Have a gadget free evening

It’s not just bored teenagers who spend an unhealthy amount of time attached to their phones. Most people are guilty of spending way too much time looking at their mobile phones, or tablets and too little time appreciating their gorgeous partner.

If you have to keep your mobile phone on for important calls, make sure that you don’t mindlessly stare at the internet, or at apps.

Buy a little gift

Clever marketing campaigns have linked romance to big presents such as diamond rings, or watches, but sometimes it is the little things that show that you care about someone, or more importantly that you have actually been listening to them. For example, if your partner is always moaning about their tea going cold, get them a flask, or hot mug. Or, if their favourite old CD has become scratched beyond repair, you could score second-hand websites for another one.

Cook them something special

When you have been busy all day, it’s easy to grab something quick, like beans on toast and eat it on your lap in front of the TV. One night a week, try to make a special dinner and sit and eat it together at the table. This allows you to catch up with one another without distraction and with special food and drink.

Another romantic option is to make a lunchbox with treats in it for your partner to take to work. You could even hide a note within it to make them smile.