Hot Weather Date Ideas

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

It’s still unseasonably hot, so traditional date ideas such as going for a coffee, or cuddling up by the fireplace in a pub don’t seem weather appropriate. Here are some date ideas that embrace the warm weather.

Have a BBQ

Sunshine and BBQs go hand in hand (although we have experienced a fair few downpours while lighting the coals over the years) and they needn’t be held in your own home. Grab some BBQ of your choice and invite your date to meet you at a park, reservoir, or other public place that has BBQ areas.

Cooking the dinner together will give you something to chat about when you are struggling with the ‘getting to know each other’ conversation.

Visit a garden

If your garden has become a big mass of yellow lawn and parched plants, it can make a nice change to visit a well-tended garden that has had the benefit of a team of gardeners and sprinkler system to keep it looking lush and green.

Spend the day walking around in the sunshine looking at the beautiful plants together while getting to know one another.

Go to the beach

In the UK and Ireland, we are blessed with thousands of miles of beaches, which means that you are never more than a few hours away from a beautiful beach.

If the thought of stripping down to your swimwear on a first date fills you with fear, don’t worry, there are lots of seaside activities that allow you to keep your shorts on.

Take a stroll along the seafront, head to the arcades, or play a beach game like frisbee.

Visit a pub garden

You don’t need to rule out a pub date at this time of year. Track down a nice pub garden, preferably next to a river and enjoy a pint, or a pub lunch in the sunshine. You won’t even need to think about packing a picnic, or BBQ food for this one!