How to Find Your Perfect Match

Friday, May 25th, 2018

As fun as it can be to meet lots of different people, in the long run, what most people are searching for is their perfect match. We’ll discuss how to find your perfect match and how to avoid meeting the wrong people.

Take a risk

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Most of us go about the same routines over and over again — going to the same job every day, socialising with the same people and shopping in the same places. So it is hard to meet new people without taking a risk and trying something new. Online dating will allow you to meet people who you would not meet through your usual routine.

Search for common interests

Shared interests are the key to a long-lasting and happy relationship. Joining a niche dating website like Muddy Matches will ensure that you have a similar outlook to other people who have also joined the website. You can also search for common interests using the ‘hobbies’ and ‘interests’ buttons if you want to find a more similar match.

Make the first move

Although it can be scary to start a conversation with someone new, it will allows you to control who you speak to and you will have the opportunity to attract people who are maybe a little shy themselves.

Be honest

Another key factor when finding your perfect partner, is being completely honest with them. Go through your dating profile text and make sure that you haven’t included any fake information, or exaggeration. Also take a look at your Main Photo and see whether it is an accurate representation of what you look like now — this means no filters, or photos from years ago.

Ask for help

If you are uncomfortable with online dating, try asking one of your friends to help you to write your dating profile and to help you to search for suitable matches. They might just spot someone who you have accidentally overlooked, or help you to get out of your comfort zone.