Wildlife Spotting Date Ideas

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Muddy Matches is popular with people who love the great outdoors, so we thought that it would be a good idea to share some date ideas that embrace both the countryside and the wildlife that inhabits it.


On a first date, we would advise you to go to a busy public place where you can chat to one another, but still feel safe, like a coffee shop. However, when you get to know one another a bit better it is nice to spend time together enjoying your hobbies without the need for a free-flowing conversation.

Grab your binoculars and head out to a wetlands area, a clifftop, or any other public area that attracts a wide variety of wildlife.

You can even use the BirdTrack app to log your sightings so that you can help to record migration patterns.

Join a bat walk

Wildlife groups like The Wildlife Trust often organise bat walks, or even bat boating evenings that will teach you about how to spot bats and information about their routines.

Alternatively, you can plan your own bat walk using the guide on the Canal & River Trust website to plan your own route.

Be aware that bats are weather sensitive, so it is not worth going out in strong winds, or heavy rain.

Spotting sealife

Countryfile magazine has put together a guide to the best places in Britain to see seals that will allow you to spot them in the wild (although it is sensible to check on the best time of year to see them before setting out). If you are in the Republic of Ireland, take a look at the Wilderness Ireland website for seal spotting locations.

If you are looking to spot dolphins, or whales, head to the ORCA website to find details about where there have been sightings.

Join the big butterfly count

OK, so it’s a little way off (20th July – 12th August), but you could take part in the Big Butterfly Count and look for butterflies in your area. If your date is before then, you can still download the app to help you to identify different butterflies.

Learn about wildlife photography

Wildlife organisations such as The Woodland Trust often organise wildlife photography events where you can learn about getting the best images of wildlife. It’s a great opportunity to boost your skill set while spending time with your date.

We hope that you enjoy your wildlife themed date, but please be mindful of the wildlife.