5 Things that can Kill a Relationship

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

The first goal of online dating is to find someone to ask out on a date, but that’s not the end of the story. Once you have been dating for a while and the excitement has died down, it is important to maintain the relationship that you have created.

Here are five of the reasons why a happy relationship can break down and how to prevent it.

Lack of interest

When you are in the infatuation stage when you first start to date someone, you will find that everything that they say and do is fascinating. However, when you get settled in a bit more you will start to become a little less interested in theirĀ favourite topicĀ and will soon start to look bored when they start talking about their puppy’s training routine, crop rotation, or their latest triathalon training plan. Instead of glazing over when they start talking, try to ask questions to show that you are still interested in what they have to say.

Not spending time together

When you first get together, you will want to spend every minute together (without looking too clingy of course), but you’ll soon find that life takes over and that you aren’t finding as much time to spend with your new partner. So, if you do find yourself overwhelmed with mundane tasks, take your partner along for the ride. Even a boring supermarket trip is better when you have someone to talk to. Also, try to fit in date nights so that you get some special time together that isn’t spent looking at bread and milk.

Smothering them

When you don’t get the opportunity to spend lots of time together, the temptation can set in to send lots of ‘how are you?’ type messages to check up on your partner. Sending some messages shows that you are thinking about them, but sending a glut of messages asking what they are doing and who they are wish will come across as controlling and smothering.

Comparing them to your ex

When you spent years with someone, it’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about them all the time. By all means talk to your friends and family about how your ex compares to your new partner, but don’t tell your partner directly.

Being unkind to their loved ones

Even if you don’t like their best friend, mum, dad, sister… try not to make a big deal of it with your new partner. By insulting their loved ones, you will appear mean and it won’t make them care for them any less. You can’t convince them to make friends with more ‘suitable’ people, just because you don’t like spending time with them.