Date Ideas for Outdoorsy People

Friday, April 06th, 2018

Muddy Matches is a website that designed for people who enjoy a country lifestyle and who share a love of the great outdoors.

Here are some outdoorsy date ideas to impress your muddy match.

Visit a country park

Country parks are a great way to enjoy a country walk without being in the middle of nowhere with your new date.

You can also enjoy a hot drink together in the cafe if the weather turns and you want to dry off.

Visit a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are great places to see a beautiful array of plants from all around the world while enjoying some much needed warmth. They’ll be lots to talk about as you go round and if conversation does dry up, you’ll have lots to look at.

Head to the races

Want to impress your horse loving date? Then head to the races and enjoy the thrill of watching your horse come in (fingers crossed) and experiencing the adrenaline rush that accompanies it.

Try 9 holes

If you don’t believe that golf is a good walk ruined, then it could be a fun date idea that will give you the excuse to get close to one another as you exchange stroke techniques.

Nine holes is enough to get you started, without committing to a full day of golf together.

Try a new country pursuit together

Coupon websites mean that it’s pretty affordable to try out a new activity like axe throwing, archery, or falconry. If neither of you has tried it before then you’ll be on a level playing field.

Watch a match

If you’re football fans, rugby fans, or enjoy hurling, then you could watch a local game together on your first date. It may not be the place to chat, but the atmosphere will be enjoyable and you can head to the bar afterwards to get to know each other better.