The Best and Worst Places to Meet People

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

There are some really good ways to meet someone special and some really bad options. Here are just a few of them.

The best ways to meet someone

Online dating

We are obviously big fans of online dating and for a very good reason. It’s the most popular way to meet someone new and you know straight away that the person is both single and that they are looking to meet someone.

At a friend’s party

Meeting through friends is a good way to get the lowdown on someone’s personality before you get to know them. When you are at a friend’s party, ask them to introduce you to new people who you haven’t spoken to before, instead of just chatting to the same people as you normally do.

Through your hobbies

If you meet someone through an activity that you enjoy, you will know that you have something in common with them. If you normally run, walk, or cycle on your own, try joining a group so that you can meet new people.

The worst way to meet someone

At a nightclub

Nightclubs are a great place to try out your latest moves in relative darkness, but they’re not the greatest place to meet people. You can’t hear anyone, you can’t see anyone properly and let’s face it, you’re probably a bit worse-for-wear and lacking in judgement.

Through work

Meeting someone through work will make things really awkward for you if things do not work out, especially if one of you is in charge of the other person. You’ll also have to explain everything to your HR team and anyone who is just a little bit suspicious of you.

Through a fake interest

If you have joined a club because you are looking to meet someone, but have absolutely no interest in what you are doing, it will show. For example, if you hate dancing, don’t just join a dancing group because you think that there will be lots of women there.