Top 5 Date Ideas

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

sushiIf you watch dating┬áprogrammes like Take Me Out, or Blind Date you might think that it’s necessary to go on a daredevil date like parasailing, or speed-boating, but in real life you don’t need to zoom around at top speed to bond with your date.

Here are some more conventional dates that will allow you to meet in a safe public place and to get to know each other better.

Coffee shop date

Meeting in a coffee shop will allow you to get to know each other with just enough background noise that you don’t feel self-conscious, but not so much that you will struggle to hear one another.

You have the chance to cut your losses and leave after just one cup of tea or coffee if the date is not going well, or you can extend your date by enjoying lunch or a few more cuppas.

The only disadvantage is that it’s difficult to find a cafe that is open in the evening.

The pub

Meeting at the pub is a popular option for an evening date as a lot of people find that a drink or two helps them to calm their first date nerves.

However, if you do plan to have a few drinks, make sure that you have a safe method for getting home and that you do not get dangerously drunk.

Walking round a country park

We wouldn’t advise anyone to meet for a remote walk through the countryside on a first date (no matter how lovely it sounds), but a walk around a busy country park is a great way to share your love of the outdoorsy lifestyle with one another.

Dinner date

Going for dinner shows that you are willing to commit money and time for your date, unless you’re meeting for fast food.

If you are meeting for the first time, ask your date what type of food they like best instead of just opting for your favourite restaurant. If in doubt, go to a pub restaurant, or somewhere that serves a variety of cuisines.

Country house

Visiting country houses is one of the most popular hobbies amongst Muddy Matches members and you will have lots to talk about as you admire the architecture, grounds and furniture.

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