Reasons to Meet up at a Country Show

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Muddy Matches country showHave you seen our Country Calendar? If not, we insist that you take a look at it now – it is full of countryside events that held in the UK and Ireland and is the perfect place to find date ideas.

We don’t have every single show covered as that would take way too many pages and our customer care team would get sore fingers entering all the dates, but we have lots of large events, which you can filter by month, or by region.

So.. once you’ve found an interesting show near you, why would you choose to attend it with your new date?

Common interest

Thousands of Muddy Matches members have selected attending country shows as one of their interests, which makes it one of the most popular options.

By meeting at a show, you will be sharing your common interest and demonstrating your muddy credentials.


Meeting in a safe, public place is essential if you have not met one another before. Country showgrounds are very busy places, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Lots to talk about

If you meet in a restaurant, you’ll soon tire of speaking about the venue, or the food, but with a country show, you can move around and see lots of different things.

You’ll also have a wide choice of food and drink so that you don’t have to plan what you are going to eat in advance.

You can enjoy the show separately if you don’t get on

It’s fantastic if you both enjoy each other’s company and wish to spend the entire day together. However, if you don’t get on as well as you think you would, you can go your separate ways and enjoy the show on your own. At some of the larger shows, you probably wouldn’t even run into one another again.

Take a look at our Country Calendar and ask someone to meet you at one of the events!