Fun Second Date Ideas

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Fair ground rideBeing an adult is sometimes a bit too much like hard work, so it’s fun to incorporate a few childish activities into your life to break away from responsibility and to see the fun side of your date.

We would recommend these date ideas for a second date, as most people prefer the option of a short first date in a cafe or a pub. A first date such as this allows you to see whether you like one another without committing to a whole day out, or a large financial investment.

Anyway, on to the fun second date ideas…

High ropes

High ropes courses are basically adventure playgrounds without the ‘must be under 12 years of age’ rule. You get to clamber around and fling yourself from great heights with the safety of a harness.

It might not sound desperately flattering to be swinging around from a harness (especially if you get woodchip in your underpants), but it allows you to work together to overcome obstacles and you’re bound to be laughing as you go along.

Theme parks

The worst thing about going to theme parks are the really long queues that you can encounter on weekends and bank holidays. However, if you take a new date with you, you can get to know one another while you wait for one of the big thrill rides.

Just make sure that your date enjoys theme parks as you don’t want to be stuck on the teacups all day because they are scared of heights!

Theme parks can be very expensive, so it’s a good idea to look out for discount codes, or lower prices if you book online.

Go karting

Go karting is a popular idea on dating shows like Blind Date and Take Me Out because it brings out your competitive side and allows room for banter as well as being a lot of fun.