What to Expect when Dating a Farmer

Friday, January 29th, 2016

cattleMuddy Matches is known as the go-to website for dating farmers, so it’ll come as no surprise to find that thousands of our members work in the field of farming (some literally).

So what’s so special about dating a farmer?

An expert knowledge of the weather

What do the F1 teams and farmers have in common? Both groups need to carefully prepare for the weather to be able to do their job well.

Be prepared to be silent when the shipping forecast comes onto the radio or when the weather forecast is on TV, in fact be prepared for your farming partner to check every available source of weather information.

Brains and brawn 

Farmers need to be quick thinking when things don’t go to plan and they need to be able to cope with both paperwork and machines, so you can be assured that your farming date will be a smart cookie.

There’s also the need for strength, which means sexy toned arms.

No need to call a mechanic

If you can fix a tractor, you can fix a car. We can’t guarantee that they’ll fix your car for you (you know what they say about builders and their homes), but they’ll have the know-how to help you to deal with a problem.

A respect for the supply chain

Farmers know about all the hard work that goes into putting food on the table.

If you’re dating a dairy farmer, do not even joke about buying soya milk for a change. Arable farmers may not take kindly to quinoa bread (no I didn’t make that up), or edamame beans when we have such wonderful food that’s grown in the UK and Ireland.

If you go out for a dinner date with a farmer, opt for hearty and local, unless you know that they prefer international cuisine.

Dating farmers can be great, so take a look at some of the single farmers on Muddy Matches.