Easy Conversation Starters

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

young woman getting a piggy back from a young manThere are hundreds of dating blogs telling you what not to say on a first date from the intrusive “why did you split with your ex?’ to the controversial “who do you vote for?”. Instead of worrying about what you shouldn’t say, here are some non-offensive suggestions for conversation fillers for when you reach an uncomfortable silence, so just to get the conversation started.

“Did you find the place OK?” – Admittedly there is room for someone to just reply “yes” or “no”, but usually this leads to conversation about the journey or the area.

“Have you been here before?” -Talking about the venue is an easy way to lead on to your favourite places to eat and drink. You could also ask whether they like the food or drink.

“Did you grow up in [insert region]?” – Whether they’ve moved around a lot, or always lived in the same street, it’s nice to talk about where you live.

“Are your family nearby?” – This question leaves the person room to talk about their family and time they have spent catching up with their loved ones recently.

“Do you have pets?” – Muddy Matches is a website full of animal lovers, so you’re bound to find common ground talking about your pets.

“Do you know [insert person]?” – If you’re from similar backgrounds, share hobbies such as horse riding, or come from the same area, it is likely that you will know some of the same people. Talking about common connections will give you an instant link to one another and may reveal some amusing stories.

“Have you ever been to  [event you’re about to go to for the first time]?” – If you’ve just bought tickets for a sporting event, a country show or a festival, ask your date if they’ve been before. They may have little nuggets of knowledge that will help you to enjoy your day out even more, or they may wish to join you on a second date.

“What do you do in your spare time?” – Whether your date has a passion for fishing, running or gardening, they will enjoy talking about their favourite hobby or interest. If you happen to share the same interest, you can go compare stories.

Hopefully conversation will flow easily with the help of these questions, but if not, don’t be afraid of sitting quietly. Asking too many questions can feel like an interrogation, which is worse than a few awkward silences.