Muddy Date Ideas

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Mud covered walking boots on autumn leavesMuddy Matches grew up around the concept of getting outdoors into the countryside and not worrying about getting muddy in the process. So when it comes to thinking of date ideas to share with your ‘muddy match’, it makes sense to take choose a ‘muddy’ themed date.

A muddy walk

For a first date we wouldn’t recommend disappearing off into remote woodland as it is safer to meet in a public place, but there are a number of walking trails in busy public areas that allow you to interact with nature in a safe environment. For example, you could head to a busy country park, a public garden or you could even try a barefoot trail within the grounds of a country house.


It’s an expensive first date idea, but quad biking is great fun and you’ll get to see how competitive your date is when you whizz by them. Make sure that you grab a drink together afterwards so that you can get to know each other better.


Like quadbiking, Segwaying can be a relatively expensive date, but you can often get good deals if you book in advance. As Segways are quieter than quad bikes you’ll be able to talk to each other over the noise of the engine, if you can manage to stick together.

Ropes course

If you’ve got a head for heights and enjoy nothing better than zooming down a zip rope, a high ropes course could be just the thing for you. For those who prefer to be a bit closer to the ground there are lots of low ropes courses available too.

The perfect ‘muddy’ date

We asked Damian Lockley of British Mud Week (23rd-29th June) what his ideal muddy date would be and he said:

“A good old walk through a country field, a bike ride or even a trot on horseback is our idea of the perfect date. It gives you the chance to really get to know a person, rather than carrying out some sort of elaborate pretence in the confines of a noisy bar or stuffy restaurant. If you’re both relaxed and in your natural environment the chances are the conversation will flow far easier, and with more honesty and openness than would be the case elsewhere.

The childlike thrill of getting muddy doesn’t diminish with age. It’s still good fun to get splattered from head to toe occasionally and if you can enjoy a good laugh on your first date there’s every chance it will progress to a second. And maybe a third…”

We’d love to know what your favourite ‘muddy’ date would involve and how you’ll be celebrating #BritishMudWeek.