What The Top 10 Dating Profiles Have in Common

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Lots of people smiling with their hands in the air.Using some mathematical wizardry we calculated what the Top 10 male and the Top 10 female profiles on Muddy Matches had in common and this is what we found out…


Stereotypes would suggest that tall men are best placed to attract attention on dating sites, but our Top 10 proved that average height men were just as popular as taller men. The average height of the men in the Top 10 was 5’10”, lining up exactly with the average height of a man in the UK.

The average height for women in the Top 10 was 5’6″, but as with the men, the height of the women varied greatly.

Marital status

When it comes to marital status, people who have never been married, those who are separated and those who are divorced all fared well. It appeared that a person’s marital status did not affect their chances of receiving messages and being added to peoples’ favourites lists.

The ideal profile length

The ideal profile length for men is just under 300 words (296 to be precise), while the ideal length for women’s profiles is just over 200 words. One of the male profiles was over 700 words long, which we would normally say is too long, but in some cases it works.


Profile photos were important for both men and women – for men the optimum amount was seven photos, and for women the optimum amount was eight. Men could get away with fewer photos, with one of the Top 10 men only having three photos in total. The most popular male profiles included sporty photos and outdoor shots. The most popular female profiles included a mixture of outdoor and indoor photographs, with a split between posed and natural photographs. Selfies were a no-no for both genders, with only one person including a selfie in their profile.

What Makes a Dating Profile Popular?