5 Wet Weather Dates

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Octopus in blue tankSadly it looks like a rain is here to stay for a bit longer (as well as snow in some parts of the UK), so it seemed fitting to come up for some ideas for enjoying a date in spite of the bad weather.

Visit an aquarium – When it’s pouring with rain outside, it’s nice to be inside looking at creatures that actually enjoy being under water. Just make sure that you stay safe next to the sea, if you visit a coastal aquarium.

Hide in the pub – The pub is a classic first date location and a perfect location for a rainy day date. Grab a tipple of your choice and take up residence next to the fireplace.

DVD day – Some days call for a stack of DVDs, a blanket and a cuppa.  However, this romantic date idea isn’t suitable for a first date.

Museum – For culture vultures, a day at a museum gives you a lot to talk about and keeps you out of the wind and rain.

Volunteer to help people affected by flooding – A volunteering date might sounds unusual, but if you’re both keen to get stuck in and help others, there’s a website called Flood Volunteers where you can offer your services to help out now, or with the clean up in the coming months. In terms of your date, you will be able to bond over your common goal and prove just how muddy you are.