Is Muddy Matches The Right Website For Me?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Muddy Matches match boxes

If you’re looking to find an online dating site that suits your needs and you’ve stumbled across Muddy Matches, then welcome to the site, we hope you enjoy your visit and choose to stay. You’re probably wondering if Muddy Matches is the right dating site for you. So here’s the reasons why you might consider signing up.

You prefer quality to quantity

We have to admit that Muddy Matches doesn’t have millions of members, but we do have enough members to fill a large town (don’t worry no members will be forced to move to a large town). If you’re looking to receive hundreds of messages each day, then Muddy Matches isn’t the right site for you, but if you’re looking to meet a handful of people with whom you have something in common you’ve come to the right place.

You love the countryside

Looking for people who love the countryside on large generic sites is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On Muddy Matches you’re likely to meet people who like being out and about in the countryside, preferably in a pair of well-worn wellies or walking boots. You’ll also avoid hearing “the countryside smells bad” from a date that you’ve met on Muddy Matches.

Your hobbies mean the world to you

If you’re obsessed with horses, love spending time on your quad bike or wouldn’t miss the ski season for all the fondue in Switzerland, then Muddy Matches is a great place to find people who share your hobby. Click on the advanced search function to match up your hobbies and interests. You could even find someone who loves an outdoor activity that you are desperate to try out.

You don’t want a bimbo or a himbo

If you’re tired of meeting men or women who take two hours getting ready to pop to the shops, then Muddy Matches is the perfect site for you. We’ve got lots of natural beauties on the site and most members say that they scrub up well for a night out, especially for a black tie event.

What’s your favourite thing about the people you meet on Muddy Matches? Let us know on the Facebook page.