Top 10 Most Common Dislikes

Friday, January 18th, 2013

A cheetah on top of a hill to represent cheatersWe’re talked before about what people’s funny dislikes are, but here is the list of the most common dislikes on member’s profiles. While I expected to see a lot of fears in the list, apparently the things that really annoy people on whole are undesirable personality traits.

So here are the top 10:

Cheats – When it comes to relationships, nobody wants to be cheated on and Muddy Matches members are no exception to this.
Liars – I’ve said it before, but it’s really not a guide idea to lie on your profile as you’ll be found out when you meet up with your date.
Arrogance – It’s just not British to blow your own trumpet, so try to avoid any “I’m great” statements on your online dating profile and in your messages. However, don’t put yourself down either.
Selfishness –It’s difficult to show that you’re not selfish on your dating profile, but when it comes to meeting up with your new date, make sure that find a middle ground on where to meet up.
Bad manners – When it comes to meeting your new date, remember to hold the door open for your date (regardless of your gender), not to talk with your mouth full and not to sit playing on your mobile phone during your date.
Dishonesty – OK, so technically this one falls into the same category as liars, but it seemed right to list the top 10 regardless of repetition.
Moaners – Try not to use your dating profile as a place to moan about everything, especially not how awful men/women are.
Lazy people – A lot of our members work hard and play hard, so don’t have time for people who “can’t be bothered”. Don’t worry if you like a good bit of downtime though as lots of members also enjoy “relaxing with a DVD”.
Spiders – The only fear to creep into our list, and even ‘muddy’ people aren’t too keen on these creepy crawlies.
Nightclubs – With Young Farmer’s events and great local pubs nearby, lots of our member aren’t too keen to enter an overcrowded nightclub on a Friday night.

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