Olympic Themed Dates

Thursday, August 02nd, 2012

Woman swimming butterfly in a swim cap

Getting hold of last-minute tickets to the Olympics has become a sport in its own right, but there are plenty more ways to enjoy the action with your date, from free sporting events to sampling a bit of culture:

Free events

If you fancy getting out and about with your date and enjoying the action; you can catch the marathon, walking and the triathlon for free in London or you could take a trip to the seaside to enjoy the sailing events in Weymouth. There’s no queuing for tickets, but you might need to jostle for a prime spot.

Watch it on the big screen

We wouldn’t recommend settling down in front of the TV with your date until you have had at least a few dates, however if you can’t keep your eyes off the TV and want to meet your date in a public place then there are hundreds of outdoor screenings around the country. You could even pack a romantic picnic to get the most out of the experience and don’t forget the fizz to celebrate.

Try out the sports

If your date has described themself as ‘sporty and adventurous’ then why not meet up to try a new sport together instead of just watching them? The Community Games website has details of lots of ‘come and try’ events listed by county. Although a lot of the sports are aimed at children, there are events for grown-ups too.

Olympic arts

If you can’t decide whether to go for a sporty date or an arty date the Cultural Olympiad provides the perfect compromise, as it celebrates the sporting event through the arts.

If you fancy seeing one of the Olympic themed exhibitions, then your best bet is to head to London, as the National Portrait Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the British Museum to name but a few, all have dedicated exhibitions.

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