Long Distance Dating – Meeting Up

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Gingerbread man and womanIn our last post we discussed why you should broaden your search to include members from further afield, but how do you go about meeting them for the first time?

Meet in the middle

If you’ve agreed to meet with someone who doesn’t live nearby, try to find a central point, so that you both have a similar distance to travel and don’t end up feeling like one of you has had to make more of an effort. Meetways is a handy tool for finding a middle point such as a pub or café.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but always make sure you meet in a public place and let a friend know where you’re going. For more information about keeping safe, look at our safety advice page.


If you like to go to countryside events, you could arrange to meet up with other members via the Who’s Going? page. The page lists large national events, including the CLA Game Fair, as well as smaller local events such as country shows and horse trials. If you don’t fancy anything on our Who’s Going? page you could always take inspiration from our country calendar events, which has a wider selection to choose from and contact someone you like directly to suggest that you could meet up.

The events act as a good halfway point for meeting with someone and the relaxed environment will feel like a fun get-together, rather than a formal date.

Muddy ball

Another way to meet up with other country singles from across the UK and Ireland is to attend the Mud Lover’s Ball, where members get the opportunity to get scrubbed up and enjoy a nice meal and a dance together in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside.

If you choose to meet up with your date for the first time at the Mud Lovers Ball, make sure you get in touch with us in advance if you would like to be sat on the same table as each other.  Also, please bear in mind that people are asked to move seats throughout the course of the meal, so you would not be sat next to each other all night.

However, if things are going well and you get on, you would have plenty of time to spend together after the meal. If you decide that you don’t click, you will both get to know other ‘muddy’ singles.

Looking to the future

If all goes well, you can arrange to meet up close to where you live and close to where your date lives, so that you can find out more about each other in a familiar environment.

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