Worst Dates

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Bald man in a suit shouting with a 20 note in his ear

All the names in the worst date stories that follow have been changed to save embarrassment, but all the tales of woe are 100% true.

The complainer

One of the worst possible things you can do on a first date is to spend your time complaining, something that Catherine knows all too well:

“I went out with a guy who spent the whole evening complaining that he was too tall to be an RAF pilot. He went on and on about how his dream had been crushed and didn’t ask me a single question.”

The not so natural blonde

It could have been the beer goggles, but Helen insists that it was the artificial lighting that made her date look like a natural beauty:

“I met a guy in a really dark pub and thought that he was really attractive, so I arranged to go out for dinner with him. When we met up in natural light I found out he had a really orange looking fake tan and peroxide blonde hair.”

The threes a crowd

It’s important to be safe on your first date, but as James found out taking a ‘friend’ along is taking things a bit too far:

“I went out with a girl who said that she’d like to bring a chaperone, she looked really nice in her photos, so I said yes. The whole date felt like an interview as the two girls took it in turns to ask me questions. The weirdest thing though was when I asked them how they knew each other and they said they’d only known each other a week. That was seriously awkward.”

The coupon guy

We’ll go into who should pay at a later date, but as a rule, turning up without any money on a dinner date is never acceptable!

“I went out with a man who got coupons out to pay the bill, which I would have overlooked, had he not then asked me to pay the bill as he hadn’t brought any money,” said Georgina. “He then told me not to leave a tip, while the waitress was at our table as he said he never tips.”

The dress inappropriate

When it comes to dressing for your date, Richard knows that it pays to plan for the occasion:

“My friend had finally agreed to let me take his sister on a date after years of fancying her. So I put on my best clothes, only to find out that she’d booked for us to go go-karting. I looked like a complete idiot racing round in a boiler suit and smart shoes. We went out for a few years after that though, so it turned out alright.”

The flosser

Emily’s first date story could make our dating faux pas list, but frankly we hope that this doesn’t happen too often:

“I went on a dinner date with a man and at the end of the meal I told him he had something caught between his teeth. Instead of discreetly using a tooth pick, he took out a £5 and used it to floss his teeth, at the table!”

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