What Should I Put in My additional photos?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Gallery of dating profile pictures

Once you’ve written a fantastic profile and added a flattering main profile picture (see our Dating Profile Photos Dos and Don’ts) you can start adding additional photos to let people know more about yourself. It’s also useful if you really can’t decide which your best side is!

Here at Muddy Matches we’re always happy to help members choose the best  shot for their profile picture. We also check all the photos sent in by members to make sure that you’re not unwittingly revealing too much about yourself, but remember many dating sites don’t offer this service!

To help you decide on the best photos for your profile here are our dos and don’ts for adding additional photos:


  • Highlight your hobbies– Showing pictures of your hobbies gives a great starting point for conversation and a picture of you in your well-worn riding gear is a good sign that you’ve not put ‘enjoys horse-riding’ when you’re only tried it once.
Woman running up a hill
Tell people what you like to do
  • Post a full body shot – A full body shot allows people to get an idea of what your fashion sense and your figure are like. Remember that people like different things, so don’t worry if you’re not built like Kelly Brook or Daniel Craig (I’m certainly not).
  • Have fun – A silly picture will help people to understand your sense of humour and will show a different side to you.
Woman wearing paper hat standing next to a Christmas tree
Include pictures of your favourite events
  • Show your pets – If you have an adorable pet chances are other people will find it cute too.  It also helps to know in advance if someone has a dog and you’re strictly a cat person.
Picture of a black Cocker Spaniel dog in a basket
Add a photo of your pet


  • Use a raunchy photo – Remember that dating sites are in the public domain, so anyone can see your photos, even people you wouldn’t fancy in a million years.  Profile no nos include pictures of you in underwear, in bed, draped across a car or in teeny tiny swimwear. Also ladies please don’t do playboy poses!

I think we’d get a lot of complaints if I posed for this one.

  • Take a picture with your car registration in it – If you’ve got a beautiful classic car or the latest sports car it’s really tempting to show it off, but your registration plate can reveal a little too much about you. Unfortunately there are criminals out there who can clone number plates and get up to no good using your details.
Woman standing next to a car with personalised number plate
Don’t reveal your number plate-even if you’re proud of your personalised plate

At Muddy Matches we will blank out the number plates on members’ profiles, but some companies will not.

  • Reveal any personal details – Work is a big part of most people’s lives, but it’s important not to reveal your place of work by adding pictures of your company logo on a building or on your clothing.  If someone knows where you work it would be easy for them to find you without your permission. The same thing goes for sports clubs and other places that you like to frequent.
Woman standing next to workplace sign
Don’t tell everyone exactly where you work and play

If you’re a Muddy Matches member and you need help choosing a photo please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing customercare@muddymatches.co.uk.

Have you contacted someone because you liked their additional photos? E-mail dating@muddymatches.co.uk to let us know.