Rainy Day Date Ideas Part II

Wednesday, May 09th, 2012

Photograph of two soft toys in embrace, frogs hugging

It’s official, April was the wettest in over a century; good news for ducks and plants, less so for fans of picnics in the park.

Following on from our ‘5 Rainy Day Date Ideas’ we have got our heads together and thought of some more wet weather activities:

  • Coffee shop/ tea shop – An oldie, but a goodie a coffee shop is quiet enough to enjoy a good conversation and if you get on really well you can head on elsewhere to continue your date.
  • Laser Tag – This pain-free shooting game is a great way to get to know each other, whether you chose to team up or fight it out between you. If you’re not afraid of a bit of pain then paintballing is even more fun in the mud. It’s probably best to avoid shooting each other on a first date though!
  • Country houses and castles – The UK and Ireland have some of the most amazing historical buildings in the world, so a rainy day is a wonderful excuse to make the most of our heritage. Check out these links to English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Visit Wales, Discover Northern Ireland and Discover Ireland.
  • Cooking contest – Whether you’re a fan of Ainsley Harriet or just consider yourself to be a dab hand in the kitchen then a cook off is a great way to spend an afternoon together once you’ve got to know each other. For a Ready Steady Cook style twist why not buy the ingredients for each other? Just remember that you’ve got to eat it, so don’t buy anything nasty!
  • Bowling – If you don’t mind reverting to the kind of dates you went on when you were at school then bowling is another fantastic excuse to show off your skills. Even if you’re absolutely rubbish it will give your date something to laugh about.
  • Skating -While we’re on the subject of self-deprecation, skating is a great way to bond, especially if you’re both clinging to the side of the ice/roller rink deep in conversation.
  • Matinee performances – Theatres across the land offer cheaper tickets for afternoon performances of their top shows, including West End performances. Some companies even offer pre-theatre lunch packages, so you can extend your date and grab some tasty food too.
  • Drink tasting – I’d say wine tasting, but the UK and Ireland have some fantastic spirits and beers too. Taking a tour of a factory, brewery or vineyard will help you to appreciate the finished product even more, but be careful not to drink-drive or get too tipsy on your date!

As always remember to be safe and if it’s a first date or you’re still getting to know your date make sure you meet in a safe place and tell someone where you are going. Check out our safety advice for tips on planning a safe date.