Something scrambled brings something new for Beck

Tuesday, April 05th, 2022

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Muddy matched, mud lover Beck likes hers with a 💍 ring!

For shepherdess-turned-animal therapist Beck a simple breakfast of farm fresh scrambled egg would turn out to be life changing.

Her then muddy matched herdsman boyfriend Gary had big plans cooking. “He’d hidden an engagement ring in the box of eggs” Beck tells us.

That was five years ago. Now the country couple, settled in East Sussex together, are four years married, having tied the knot at the Church of Good Shepherd in Lullington.

“It is the smallest functioning church in the country, and we had to be granted a special license to marry there by the cannon,” Beck informs us. “I was driven there round a ploughed field in a Range Rover.

“Being a farmer’s daughter, I had always wanted to marry a farmer hence why I was inspired to give Muddy Matches a go.”

Following Gary’s switch east from West Sussex eight years ago, the pair live a full life in muddy boots. They have moved into ‘a lovely big farmhouse with a paddock and barns’ – that came with Gary’s job promotion to farm foreman – and have just purchased their own land.

“We spend most of our spare time either on the farm or down at the field working on it; fencing, clearing trees and such like” Beck adds.

It is a rural romance that started out life online when Beck connected with Gary whilst country life dating on Muddy Matches in 2013. A first IRL meet came on November 6.

“I had been online dating for some time, but it was Gary’s first attempt at online dating” Becks tells us. “We were originally meant to meet on the 5th until I realised I would never get to him with the bonfire night traffic. So, we met at a pub in Devils Dyke, halfway-ish”

So, did fireworks spark from the off between two country singles who had plenty in common?

“Funnily enough, the two things I am not keen on are cows and kids and he was a herdsman and he had children,” Beck laughs. “But I liked the look of him, plus I liked his shaved head.”

And that’s where Beck’s advice to other mud lovers looking for a countryside connection on Muddy Matches comes from; ‘Be open-minded and give things a chance to blossom’.

She adds “Having just recently got over a heartbreak, I had decided I was going to give all potential dates a chance without my usual restrictions.

“Love doesn’t have to come from love at first sight.”