Farmer’s daugher Helen proves worth the wait for Paul

Sunday, March 20th, 2022

Muddy matched country partners Paul and Helen are living proof that patience and perseverance pays off whilst country life online dating.

A Shropshire country single says he was all set to give up on online dating after a year of trying, when his fortune changed, and he connected with a muddy match who transformed his life.

Timing, they say, is everything!

Outdoors living, dog loving engineer Paul, from Much Wenlock, joined Muddy Matches in September 2019, and his eco-focused, outward-bound profile attracted plenty of attention from muddy people and rural singles. Yet despite putting himself out there, he hadn’t quite managed to unearth ‘the one.’

“The whole online dating thing was very new to me, but I threw myself in. I met some very nice women whilst on dating sites but with no success,” Paul tells us. “I was about to cancel my account when I connected with Helen. She was the only one who surprised and hooked me.”

Helen, a hill running farmers daughter, also from Shropshire, had herself only just joined and, just days into her muddy experience, was deep into a meaningful messaging exchange was with Paul.

It was she who suggested a muddy date, dog walking in the Shropshire hills of a weekend; it was an opportunity Paul jumped at.

“To be honest it was Helen’s bio description more than her profile photo that grabbed me.” Paul recalls. “When we first met it was very apparent that her profile pictures did not do her justice.

“We have now been together since November 2020, and we are going from strength to strength. I couldn’t be happier.” Paul adds.

The country couple, both 80% muddy, have wasted little time in letting their countryside connection fully bloom. They have moved in together alongside dogs Bert, Betty, and Monty, and are delighted to announce that they welcomed new-born baby Lucy into their muddy world in January 2022.

What’s more, they are engaged to be married, after a windswept proposal, with the big day set for July 2023.

Paul wasn’t wrong when he said their rural romance had gone from ‘strength to strength.’

“It’s madness” he adds. “Lucy is two months old, born at home, and we are in the process of getting her baptised.” As for the distant sound of wedding bells? “I proposed one evening on the cliffs at Portscatho in Cornwall last year, and we are going to be married at Blymhill Church near Weston Park in Shropshire.

“The reception will be held on Helen’s family farm which is only a mile or so up the road.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Muddy Matches. You asked if our rural relationship was still something to talk about until the cows come home, in a word, yes. Well actually a very big YES.”

As for Paul’s advice to other mud lovers looking to change their stars whilst country life dating with us; “Upload a good, natural profile photo and don’t be too narrow minded, because the best way to get to know anyone is by talking to them.”