“The best online dating experience by a country mile”

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

A young farming lad from Lincolnshire says Muddy Matches is the ‘best online dating experience’ by a fair country mile… and he’s tried a fair few in pursuit of unearthing the love of his life.

80% muddy agricultural worker Tom connected with country pursuits fan Jenny, his now girlfriend, within a week of joining Muddy Matches, and whilst it is still early days, he is delighted with where the rural relationship is headed.

“It’s amazing to think Jenny lives only 5 minutes away from me and we would likely never have met if we hadn’t both been on Muddy Matches,” Tom tells us.  “We both share similar interests and hit it off from the start.

“I was looking for an honest, caring equestrian woman, as I’ve always fancied working with horses, and someday would love to learn to ride.

I have met a wonderful lady who has no interest in them but matches me, so well it doesn’t matter.

“Jenny had taken time to write a long description about herself and, whilst a year older than me, she also enjoyed shooting who got me even more interested.”

The pair spent some time messaging, bonding over a love of all things country life, including a joint passion for shooting before exchanging numbers, chatting on the phone, and then agreeing to go out for a first date meal.

“We just clicked,” Tom adds. “I am confident enough in how things are going to take down my profile from the site as hopefully I won’t have to return!”

Tom has tried a whole host of dating services, including some of the well-known apps before landing on the reassuringly different Muddy Matches. He admits though that he ‘kept meeting the wrong type of person or indeed, no one at all’ on other sites.

“I had never tried online until this year. I was looking to start dating again last year but the pandemic struck so I held off. Once more places opened, I thought I’d try my luck,

“Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Tinder or Bumble at all; having to judge people by looks and, on many cases, very little information. A lot of people had filtered photos, and I only got interest from the wrong sort of women who were not genuinely interested from the start.

After finding no joy on the free apps, Tom also gave Match a whirl, with similar outcome.

It was then that Muddy Matches – specialising in rural dating for rural minded people with muddy boots – caught his eye, online.

The Muddy Matches country dating focus on a mud-loving way of life, traditional values, and carefully reviewed profiles, with an emphasis on shared outlook on life and common ground immediately appealed to him.  

“I stumbled across Muddy Matches by chance, but it sounded perfect for me. I’m an outdoors person that works in farming. I spend half my time in overalls and work boots, so I thought it was worth a shot to find someone similar on there.”

Jenny will be delighted he did.

Trusted and award winning, Muddy Matches is the UK’s original home of farmer love, and now the nation’s first choice for love in the countryside.

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