Born Muddy: the boy who adores beef cattle

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

‘He’s fearless of cattle. He would happily walk into a shed full of cows!”

Meet 2-year-old Rory, the fearless farming toddler, born muddy to Bristol-based Aberdeen Angus beef farmer, Millie and her muddy match, Steve.

Like his muddy mummy, who was also brought up with the herds as part of her life, Rory has a genuine affection for cattle.

“Whilst the cattle are grazing in the summer, he spends a lot of time in the rucksack carrier checking on them with me. He loves them” mum Mille says of her first born.

“Rory has a toy farm, but I would say he prefers playing with all the farm kit and machinery compared to the animals though! He is ‘Tractor Ted’ and digger mad… Basically anything with wheels that he can push around he loves.

“His fleet of toy tractors and machinery would beat any contractor!”

Millie and her muddy match, land surveyor Steve welcomed Rory into their muddy corner of the world in 2019; it was at the back end of a special 12 months for the pair, in which they also got engaged.

The proposal came on a break away from the farm in Cornwall. “9 months later, we welcomed our first son together” says Millie.

Life as a family of three, with two cocker spaniels, is a world away from the hugely social, active lifestyle Millie and Steve enjoyed in couple-don where they would spend their spare moments away competing in road cycling events and go for long walks in the countryside. 

But it is a change of lifestyle, indeed life stage, they are very much happy to embrace.

“Things take a lot more planning and we can’t be quite as spontaneous about going away or going out for the night. But he makes us appreciate the simple things in life and watching him learn to talk and communicate is amazing.” Millie adds. “Rory is on the go all the time so keeps us very busy.” 

“I’m not going to lie; the sleepless nights are quite a challenge but hopefully those days are over now!  It is very rewarding, and it is great watching him grow into a little character!

“He is very cheeky and charming so can get away with things.”  

Lockdown has also served as a reminder of what important and it has also given Millie and Steve a real chance to bed in those family roots even further. Being furloughed for 3 months in the first lockdown has meant Daddy Steve ‘could see his son a lot more’.

“Rory coped very well with lockdown. Luckily, his cousin lives on the farm as well, so they have been able to keep each other company. But we can’t wait to take him to new places, especially exploring the country and going on our first holiday abroad.” Mille says. 

“He will also be page boy at our wedding in June. His blue suit is ready and waiting.”