‘Love at first sight’ for muddy soulmates Michelle and Nick

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

“We can’t thank Muddy Matches enough as had we both not gone onto your website, Nick and I may never have met each other….

“…That would be the worst tragedy of all.” says Michelle, who met garden designer, and plantsman, Nick whilst online dating with Muddy Matches in October 2015.

Such was the level of mutual immediate attraction and bonding, both equally believed they had unearthed their soulmate.

Within a month of letting love bloom, profiles were deleted, accounts were cancelled; they were totally convinced.

“It was love at first sight” Michelle tells us. “I had read Nick’s very detailed profile and I was instantly intrigued and I just knew I had to meet him.

“We shared several messages and then we arranged to meet up for a date in Oxford.”

That first real life meet, whilst being a bit more ‘urban’ than both would ideally like, was to prove a life changer. It served to reinforce the chemistry and connection the pair had felt online.

“We had so much in common it was like I had met him before; it was just so easy.” Michelle fondly recalls. “We just clicked.”

“I was delighted when he asked if we could meet up again and I have never looked back. I have found my absolute soulmate.”

Nick too remembers that moment like it was yesterday. “I knew at the end of the date that I had found someone special on my arm. I remember as we walked back to the railway station I asked if I could see her again. I was thrilled when she said yes.

Michelle quickly took the decision to up sticks from Winchester to start a new life with Nick 80 miles away in Banbury, where a life more muddy on the allotment, and with two dogs – Tilly and Bugsy – was embraced with gusto.

3 years on, and the pair tied the knot back in Michelle’s native Winchester.

“We were both so happy and felt complete. We had both finally found our life partner in our 40s. Thank you Muddy matches for helping me find my Nick.

Nick too recalls that moment with joy, “I am absolutely over the moon Michelle is part of my life and I look forward to the next how ever many years we have got left together.”

“Life together was incredible” Michelle added.

Unfortunately, whilst the love remains as strong as ever, the duo’s wedding vows of ‘in sickness and in health’ have been sorely tested in the past 18 months and continue to be so. Nick, a 10 year kidney transparent patient, has sadly suffered a series of medical conditions – including A stroke and contracting COVID – that have left him bed ridden in hospital and unable to walk.

For the past 18 months, he has seen Michelle for 1 hour a day on restricted visiting hours due to the pandemic. There are further complications that mean a return to the marital home could be delayed by a further 18 months.