Born Muddy: Celebrating muddy matched family life

Friday, April 30th, 2021

As a lockdown baby boom emerges, a new ‘mini series’ unearths little mud-lovers born to parents who met online dating with Muddy Matches.

40% of all babies born in the UK between 2020-2029 will be part of the ‘e-baby’ generation; welcomed to the world by parents who first met whilst online dating on apps and websites, according to reports independent of Muddy Matches.

That’s big, and shows that online dating, when done with the right intentions and wholehearted commitment, can inspire long term, meaningful relationships capable of changing lives forever.

Add in the baby boom of 360,000+ babies born in the UK during lockdown, and this has inspired thought that more babies will born to couples who connected online compared to those who met offline somewhat earlier than the forecasted date of 2037.

At Muddy Matches country life dating, over 30% of the singletons looking for love with us have children from previous relationships, and are at different life stage. But we are hearing more and more from mud-loving couples who have laid deeper roots by setting up family.

Throw in the popularity of family friendly TV programmes such as Our Yorkshire Farm and This Farming Life which have followed which has won hearts when broadcast, and interest in a rural upbringing out in the sticks is at a new high.

That’s why we adding to our success stories with a brand new ‘mini’ series called BORN MUDDY, in which we celebrate the pitter patter of tiny wellies following in the footsteps of their muddy-matched mum and dad who found love with us.

From new borns welcomed to a muddy world, to tractor-loving, farm toddlers, BORN MUDDY will be packed with all the feel good you’d expect of happy family life on the farm and those growing up in rural settings.

To start off the new mini series of features, meet 2 year-old Syd, born to Katie and her muddy match, beef farmer Steve.

“We are looking forward to taking her to some soft plays outings; something safer than the bales she is using at the moment!” says mum!