The Farming Forum: “Emotions and lonely job”

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Being a farmer can be a lonely job and it can be hard to meet people who share your outlook on life, so using a dating site specifically aimed at country-minded people and farmers can be a great help.

Muddy Matches was mentioned in a post about loneliness on  The Farming Forum by one forumite who said:

“Many professionals in cities even state they ‘don’t have time to meet so prefer to screen and meet via online’. Not quite there myself but have no problem to say I met Kate via Muddy Matches (admittedly via a dating social function). So if other folks want to titter, let them carry on. I don’t give a fig as I couldn’t be happier and without MM I would not be with Kate or have my little boy right now.”

If you are looking to meet single farmers, head to our Lonely Farmers page.

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