My 420 mile round trip for muddy love is ‘worth it’

Friday, January 06th, 2023

Would a long-distance relationship be something you’d consider if your muddy match felt right?

Today, our lovely customer care team had the pleasure of hearing from a lovely rural single from Somerset who’s been putting herself through 420 mile round trips on a weekend basis to spend quality time with her farmer boyfriend.

The country couple met whilst online dating for country people on Muddy Matches, and, despite living at different ends of the country, are putting in the effort to let the connection fully bloom.

Long distance relationships might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and spending 8 hours travelling, especially with many country singles having land and animal commitments to content with, but love knows no boundary or electric fence.

The mud lover whose been eager to let us know she is delighted said going the extra mileage has been ‘definitely worth it at the moment’. She is also not alone. Whilst on other mainstream ‘swipe right’ dating apps and websites the average search distance is less than 15 miles with people wanting something to land in their laps, on an independent service like Muddy Matches the depth of search is much wider and openminded.

Searching further afield for matches 50-100 miles from home is really not untypical.

We hear of lots of muddy matched couples whose online dating success stories have seen them embrace mammoth long distance treks to see where their heart takes them.

From Cambridge to the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Highlands, Somerset to Lancashire; Even The gorgeous Gower Peninsula to the Isle of Wight, just like rural and remote living, country life dating is a way of life.

Going long distance is merely a matter of your outlook on it.

Trusted by country singles, Muddy Matches has been the UK’s original, award-winning home of rural dating, farmer love and countryside connections for well over 15 years now.

Matching based upon common ground, shared interests and outlooks on a life in muddy boots, Muddy Matches has attracted over ¾ million mud lovers from all walks of country life. Who will you unearth?