Why Polo has more pulling power than football!

Thursday, May 05th, 2022

Polo finds itself in the press this morning, thanks to the schedule of a certain Royal – and it’s clear mud loving singles who online date with us share Prince Harry’s love of life with a mallet and the Sport of Kings too.

Sure, not all single Tom, Dick or Harrys will have the Prince’s headache when it comes to their high society playing schedule for the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

However, they are certainly interested enough to make reference to their passion of the traditional horseback game on their dating profile.

As the UK’s original home of country-life dating, Muddy Matches connect folk from all walks of country life, based upon shared interests, hobbies, lifestyle and outlook on life.

And it appears polo is one of those country pursuits that has more pulling power than the pelham and running reins, such is the image and perception that comes with the world’s oldest team sport.

The connected network of horse lovers, and equestrian singles looking to date on Muddy Matches, also put extra focus on polo.

In fact, polo is held in such high regard by country singles on Muddy Matches that it enjoys greater popularity in dating profiles than football, cricket, golf, motorsport and tennis.

Polo is 46% more popular as a listed hobby in muddy online dating profiles than football, and 107% more referenced than cricket amongst country-life daters.

Of the mainstream sports, only swimming and rugby have greater reference.

And when it comes to the ‘Gentleman’s game’ tag that has long been bestowed on the sport, well that’s certainly not lived out with the singles signed up either.

Of those posting a love of polo on their profile, 79% are female, looking to link up with like-minded singletons. So, Prince Harry would find himself in the 21% minority.

Chuckers to it!