Explore the mental wellbeing benefits of country life dating

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Companionship and connections formed whilst online dating have a part to play in agriculture’s battle against poor mental health.

Shocking statistics from a 2021 survey, published by the Farm Safety Foundation, have revealed that 88% of farmers aged under 40 rank poor mental wellbeing as the single biggest problem faced in agriculture and rural communities.

That’s why #AgMentalHealthWeek is such an important message, and one that is close to our hearts.

As the UK’s original home of farmer dating and countryside love, we have been trusted and active in rural and remote communities for almost 15 years now. In that time, the issues surrounding mental wellbeing have never been so prevalent.  The work of the likes of Yellow Wellies, The DPJ Foundation, YANA and the Farming Community Network continues to be a lifeline for so many people. 

But we are mindful, that we have a role to play too.

Science and research continue to say that companionship, connections, and social interaction play important roles in combating mental health, way beyond having a friendly ear to talk to, or a shoulder to share the burden.

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we know our core purpose – unearthing rural romance and matching mud loving singles – is often seen, by some, as a frivolous form of light entertainment. However, we also know that connecting likeminded singles, especially those in rural and remote communities where isolation and loneliness is rife, brings lots of positive mental health and wellbeing benefits.

Those connections made whilst seeking for the muddy love of your life don’t necessarily need to be romantically oriented to be life enriching either.

We hear of many Muddy Matches members, from all walks of country life, who have made good friends whilst online dating with us. The chemistry may not have been there, but a match based upon shared lifestyle, common ground and outlook on life has meant a strong bond formed that is good for the soul, if not the heart.

Online dating with us also brings:

1. A daily sense of purpose and routine of logging on – activity that can switch the brain off and refocus for a little while.

2. A renewed sense of self-esteem and self-worth that comes from building connections and online interactions.

3. The power of ‘shared experiences’ from engaging with like-minded people who understand, and appreciate, the lifestyle, the pressures and the schedule.

4. Wider sense of community spirit and togetherness that matching over common ground and shared interests brings.

5. An open platform to be yourself where there’s little immediate chance of stigma or labels.

6. Find comfort in the form of old-fashioned values, such as courtesy, honesty, decency, and respect.

7. A brighter mood that can come from unexpected match or a welcome connection.

We read recently that 1 in 5 people believe that online dating is beneficial to their mood and outlook on life. We believe it goes much deeper than that!

Trusted and award winning, Muddy Matches is the UK’s original home of farmer love, and now the nation’s favourite countryside dating website by a clear country mile.