Creative thinkers give ‘wellies’ some well deserved love.

Thursday, October 07th, 2021

#Wellies randomly trend on Twitter after daily challenge inspires creative minds to unearth their muddy side.

A super talented social community from all corners of the creative industry got hashtag #Wellies trending nationally on Twitter today, after a daily advertising challenge to promote wellington boots in an instinctive, fresh, new manner caught the imagination.

OneMinuteBriefs, the 10-year-old brainchild of Manchester based agency, Bank of Creativity, issue daily challenges to their 35,300+ strong loyal social network of freelancers, jobbing copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, and anyone with an ounce of creative juice inside them, inspiring them to spotlight everyday items in intriguing new ways.

Each #OMBLE – be they industry professionals or brilliant but aspiring amateurs – as they are so titled, is encouraged to tweet their ideas, created after just 60 seconds thinking time, with the agency picking daily winners who enjoy their prize of plaudits from their peers.

The challenges – ranging from promoting social enterprises, ethical causes, and well known household brands to dressing gowns, candy floss and bathtubs – regularly rack up a reach in millions on timelines in a single day. One recent brand campaign received over 2,200 submissions from around the globe.

Another idea, which inspired the beating heart of the WWF #WorldWithoutNature campaign, has now reached nearly half a billion people worldwide.

Today’s theme ‘promote wellies’ encouraged over 300 designs, and counting. They featured clever use of play-on words and artistic, abstract creations through to full bloom concept print, and social ad ideas for mud loving brands such as Lea Chameau, Joules, Grubs, Aigle and Land Rover. The use of Hunter branding proved a particularly common theme.

Credit & Copyright to: Simon Shirley @PapaTooFly

One clever creative mind even photoshopped a pair of ordinary wellies into pints of Guinness, encouraging the well-constructed copy caption ‘Good things come to those that wade’. Others chose to showcase a nod to the history of the humble welly, back to its roots with the Duke of Wellington; ‘that’s my name, don’t wear it out!’.

Credit and Copyright to @BroomfieldRod

On choosing ‘wellies’ as Thursday’s creative muse, Breanne Lawrence, OMBLE of the Year 2020, and partnership account manager at One Minute Briefs, said “We generally try and select a brief of the day that fits in with what’s going on, so it is relevant.

“We chose wellies for today because of the horrendous weather Manchester is having this past week. It has been all rain.”

Here at Muddy Matches, the UK’s original home of farmer dating and love in the countryside, we welcome such imagination and a different way of thinking. To see this showcased, so broadly and diversely, in a topic close to our hearts is packed with feel good.

Here are some of the clever and imaginative ideas that has been on show.

(Above) Design Credit and copyright to twitter profiles: @sanna_rosen @broomfieldrod @graham_graz @life_of_breanne @steffolk @craigdfreeman @samhennig6 @scratchwriter @alanbingle @greenestofwood @dbdes1gn5

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