‘I’m besotted with British rural life. Now I want a country gent.’

Friday, October 01st, 2021

Meet the single Canadian gal besotted with British rural life, and on the hunt for a country gent to enjoy it with.

A self-tagged ‘straightforward’ Canadian gal, born and bred in beautiful east central Alberta, was so taken with the romance of quintessential British country life on a recent ‘solo walk about’ that she has joined Muddy Matches in the hopes of piquing interest in UK single gents.

And it’s all been inspired by…. Barnsley. 

Nichole laughs as she recalls how the South Yorkshire town, and it’s rolling South Yorkshire countryside, would tempt her back ‘in a heartbeat’ – and the opportunity to set up home with a country loving gent would be the icing on the barm cake.

“My nana was born in Barnsley, so I had always wanted to visit where she grew up, and I was able to fulfil that wish” she says from her Alberta home. “I went on a solo walk about for over 4 months to England, Ireland and Scotland and I fell completely head over heels in love with the countryside and the lovely people. I was made to feel like I wasn’t alone.

“The laid-back pace of life in the villages really appeals to me as did the stunning cottages and farm life. I would be more than willing to relocate to a new country. Country life is what I excel at.”

Now Nichole believes unearthing a British guy who shares her enthusiasm for the rural way of life, and starting out on a new adventure in life, is right for her – and she believes Muddy Matches, with its focus on traditional values, and life outdoors, is the natural fit to do just that.

“I find that British guys are a bit more refined and charming than Canadian boys. I like old fashioned, and polite, but also a man that’s not afraid to joke around,.” she tells us when asked about the culture differences of the opposite sex.

Although she is also quick to admit that the dating pool of singletons in her local town is ‘very shallow’ to say the least.  What’s more, after 13 years single following divorce, Nichole knows exactly what she is eager to unearth after joining Muddy Matches, the Uk’s original home of country life dating.

“I haven’t really been looking much because I really enjoyed the freedom to do what I want and not have to answer to anyone, so this is the first dating site I have joined.  I’d heard good things about Muddy Matches when I was travelling through the UK 3 years ago, but I have only recently subscribed. I thought I’d just try and see if anyone piqued my interest in the UK.

“I figured that by the time I was allowed to travel again, I’d hopefully meet someone special and be able to get to know him without the stress of having to meet right away. Yes, I am a bit of a chicken.

“I’m really looking for an honest outgoing, funny, hardworking man that isn’t afraid to get dressed up for a night on the town or put on a pair of jeans and get his hands dirty.    

“I have already talked to some really nice gentlemen, and I’ve made a few new friends on the site even though there was no romantic spark, so fingers crossed.

“While single life is wonderful, lately I’ve been feeling somewhat melancholy. I come off as tough but underneath it all, I’m sort of a marshmallow. It’s time that I find that someone special to share my life with.”

Nichole’s country credentials are unquestioned. Back home she owns 5 horses and loves working on the yard. “I’m sure not afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty. I thrive in the peace and quiet of a small community and I know I wouldn’t do well in a city setting.”

And asked as to her ice breakers that would encourage a reply , she gave 5;
Do you like to smile?
Do you love to laugh?
How about eating at a great home cooked meal?
And what about meeting a woman that isn’t afraid of hard work?
Don’t like lying, drama or conflict? -Me neither…we need to talk!

Nichole is hoping she will find that needle in a haystack amongst the country people she admires the most, and as they say in Barnsley… by ‘eck we think she just may.