Ramblers GB rally for support from all walks of life.

Monday, September 06th, 2021

Ramblers GB are rallying countryside enthusiasts and mud lovers everywhere to sign a petition that calls on the government to ensure everyone can have access to green space; no matter your location or walk of life.

As seen in the flocks of mud loving singles choosing to unearth something new at Muddy Matches country life dating, the nation has rediscovered an appreciation for fresh air and green space on their doorstep during the various stages of lockdown, and local restriction.

The desire to share the social, health and wellbeing benefits of spending time outdoors, and the value of walking, has never been stronger in the public’s eye. We can certainly vouch for that from the increases in matches, and messages we’ve seen between outdoor loving singles, keen to connect on common ground.

And yet research shows just how difficult it is for millions of people across England to discover the joys of nature. Only 57% of GB adults questioned in a recent Ramblers GB report said that they lived within five minutes’ walk of green space, be it a local park, nearby field, or canal path. There is a massive disparity.

Ramblers UK say ‘nature nourishes us and that should be a “simple and universal pleasure available to everyone, everywhere, every day” – but it’s not.

Public rights of way were well used during lockdown and the likes of the National Trust, and the National Parks Trust did their utmost to keep green space accessible, even under some tight regulations.

And yet, there is growing concern that the government are not fulfilling pledges made in its own 25-year Environment Plan to connect more people to nature.

That’s where you can help by signing a petition that holds the government to account when it comes to prioritising green routes and protecting access to countryside. It comes at a time when key legislation is being passed that will shape access to the countryside for generations to come.  

Show there’s popular support for ensuring everyone, everywhere can enjoy walking in nature by signing the petition here.