Matching online brings stronger dating satisfaction

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

An international study into dating motivations have revealed that singletons who find love whilst online dating have stronger long-term intentions from the outset than those ‘grafted’ in real life.

It puts to bed the misplaced idea that connections forged online produce relationships of lower quality with lower commitment levels, based on a carnal need and with an emphasis on ‘casual dating’, compared to those inspired through real life meets or face-to-face

In fact, the research, which studied European couples, and started out life as a social experiment in Switzerland, identified that couples who met online were better intended when it came to setting up home together and starting a family than those who met offline.

The study also found no significant differences when it came to longer term aspirations in a relationship when it came to marriage.

It was even suggested that women who unearthed love online had ‘greater desire’ to progress things in a relationship at a faster pace than those in real life or meeting in real life, be it through friends, at work, or whilst socialising which brought their own levels of pressure and pace.

Women connecting online  had ‘greater intention’ to have children within the next 3 years.

Those who met their partner online also reported relationship satisfaction and life satisfaction that was comparable to those who had met their partner offline, whilst dating websites brought a higher level of satisfaction than dating apps.