Love moooves in mysterious ways for engaged Somerset duo

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

A farmer from Somerset has proposed to his girlfriend by writing ‘Marry Me’ in chalk spray onto the side of two of his herd’s prized assets – Sue and Karen – and she said YES.

Yes. The world’s media have gone just a little giddy for the muddy love story of Lewis and Emily who, after deciding to get some cows during lockdown, have found that love does indeed moooove in mysterious ways when it comes to rural romance and country life dating.

The earthy proposal came at 6.30am in the morning when Lewis, from Castle Cary awoke Emily to come help in the field with the cows. Panicked and still in her pjs, caught site of the two cows as Lewis dropped to his knee with bespoke ring in hand to pop the question.

Lewis and Emily met during the first lockdown and live together on Lewis’ family farm. Emily, a hairdresser by trade, is now full engrossed in country life and is training to be a cow rearer.

““We bought the cows together at the start of lockdown and reared them together. Emily absolutely loves farm life – she loves it to the core.

“She’s been in and around farms but never been interested. But I brought her along and she fell in love with it.

“She loves cows, all of it. It’s long and unsociable hours so it’s quite nice she’s more than willing to get stuck in with me.”

I thought it would be the right way to do it” said Lewis, who also confirmed the pair have not yet set a date.

“The plan was to write each word on one cow, but it didn’t quite go to plan as the little sods didn’t want to stand still.”

For many this is a novel way to propose but here at Muddy Matches, the original home of farmer dating in the UK, it’s something we get to hear of regularly, given the animals play such a huge part in any relationship.

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