Mud lovers call on support of the muddy community

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

A muddy matched Mr & Mrs are calling upon the support and generosity of the Muddy Matches community after 18 months of a health challenges that has tested their wedding vows ‘in sickness and in health’ to the very limit.

Michelle and Nick met whilst online dating with Muddy Matches in October 2015 and, after letting rural romance bloom for 3 years, married in 2018; the happiest day of their lives’ having ‘unearthed our soulmate.

However, sadly last year Nick became very unwell after suffering a stroke whilst undertaking heart surgery. It was another unexpected downturn in health for a man who’s also suffered a failed kidney transplant and contracted COVID and pneumonic whilst spending 18 months, away from his wife, in a hospital bed.

It has left him unable to walk and exhausting, having weekly blood transfusions and dialysis, whilst awaiting further heart surgery and exploration into a continued bleed around the heart.

Add in the complications that Nick is self employed, wife Michelle was furloughed and any arrangements to bring them back together in the marital home – to aid his rehab – are sat on an 18 month waiting list due to secure a grant to make urgent alterations to the family house to accommodate Nick’s requirements.

They are calling upon support to raise funds to have urgent and vital changes to daily life that would allow Nick to return to their marital home from hospital and offer him some degree of comfort so he can be husband to his wife again. The essentials include a wet room, a ramp and stairlift.

One thing is sure; their love for each other however remains as strong as ever. For better or for worse has never been so true. They are so thankful for what they have and the connection between them.

“I so incredibly proud of him. He never moans or says, ‘why me?’. We have been overwhelmed by the level of support and kindness people have afforded us. We know we are not alone, and many families are facing the same challenges.” Wife Michelle says.

“I cannot wait for the day Nick can come home. We are planning what the first meal would be. He is getting quite sick of hospital food now.”

If you can support Nick and Michelle rebuild their life, after 18 months apart, in any small way, please take a look at the JustGiving link below.