‘Without Muddy Matches, I’d never have met my husband’

Friday, April 16th, 2021

How online dating with Muddy Matches proved a lifeline for two horse loving soulmates who lived busy lives 65 mile apart

Whilst some well known dating sites and apps have earned a reputation for serving as light entertainment, for many of the mud-loving remote and rural singletons looking for love on Muddy Matches, online dating offers a lifeline when it comes to social interaction, companionship and connections.

As the original home of farmer love, and specialists in country life dating, Muddy Matches has been trusted by those in rural, remote and farming communities for over 14 years now, welcoming over ½ million mud lovers – from all walks of country life – each with their own motivations for joining.

For 80% Muddy Sophie, online dating with Muddy Matches was an obvious choice to pick from the hundreds of online dating apps and dating websites kicking about.

“I used Muddy Matches because I was working full time in retail, had a horse, and spent my free time competing my dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in agility. In the mornings and evenings I mucked out my horse wearing my work suit, and trying to avoid getting covered in mud!

“All of my spare time was spent wearing wellies and jodphurs. So I was never going to have time to meet anyone. I’d regularly go on holiday on my own and visit the theatre, cinema and restaurants on my own.”

Sophie started online dating with us in 2011, and built up quite a collection of like-minded connections before a full month of message exchanges saw her put all her eggs in one basket; Edward.

Edward, of family farming stock, had his own motivation for joining Muddy Matches; working long hours in an office as an accountant, he never got the chance to properly socialise, let alone indulge in his passion for outdoor life.

He was also over 65 miles away from Sophie.

“We would never have met, apart from online dating with Muddy Matches, though because I lived in Bedfordshire and he lived in Warwickshire” Sophie adds.

“We realised that we had a lot in common. We bonded over our love of horse riding, but not just horses; films, music, favourite holiday destinations etc.”

Such was the strength of common ground and shared outlook on life, they got engaged after only 9 months of knowing each other.

Now Sophie and Edward live as husband and wife ‘in the middle of nowhere’ on the family’s arable farm they now run in Lincolnshire.

They celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary this coming June and welcomed little baby E, their first born, to the world in February.

Sounds like Sophie and Edward continue to throw themselves, muddy boots first, into farm life as a couple who met online, not out of curiosity but out of genuine need to find a like-minded soulmate who understood their lifestyle.