Demand inspires a muddy switch from friendship to dating

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Muddy Matches switch off ‘friendship mode’ to let country life dating fully bloom amid peak demand from outdoor-loving singletons

Across the fields, down the country lanes, and into the nation’s cowsheds, love is in the fresh country air.

Over the past 12 months or so, so many new faces, of age, location, lifestyle and walks of country life, have flocked to Muddy Matches looking to find love in the lockdown.

As the nation rediscovered a passion for fresh air and green space, the desire to unearth rural romance has never been stronger. Overflowing with message exchanges, new connections and success stories, online dating with Muddy Matches is busier than it has ever been.

To keep up with this most welcome demand, all our focus and attention deserves to be on matching outdoor-loving singles and inspiring new, meaningful relationships.

As a result, we have now turned off the underused ‘friendship’ element of what we offer, in favour of letting our online dating service fully bloom.

We have a small number of profiles registered as seeking ‘friendship’ only. From this point, these profiles will, behind the scenes, be automatically switched to ones enabled for online dating.

We know for some of these members, it will not be their intention nor muddy motivation to online date with us. We are also conscious that this switch may not reflect current relationship status or life stage. So, we have hidden the profiles on which the switch from friendship to dating has been made until those members take proactive steps to unhide themselves.

This will mean certain profiles, which may have been in historic favourites lists or message exchanges may now be hidden from view. It also means these members will have restricted access to all the core features and functions on the site, including the running of searches.

If this does affect your profile, please check your registered email address for an email containing next steps available to you, including how to formally cancel your account and unhide your profile.

For those keen to explore online dating with us, there is also a special incentive that has been sent by email only.

The world of muddy online dating awaits.