Finding muddy love online runs in the family

Tuesday, March 09th, 2021

How a mud-loving mum’s success whilst online dating with Muddy Matches inspires a ‘new chapter’ in her daughter’s love life

Like mother, like daughter?

People of all ages, life stage and from all walks of country life put their trust in Muddy Matches to find rural romance, but for one 100% muddy mum of two, online dating with us has brought many new pleasures down the newest generations of her family tree.

With Mothering Sunday just around the corner, we caught up with 64-year-old Carole, who after unearthing farmer love of her own, then inspired her 22-year old daughter to give it a go – with the same successful result.

“It was my daughter Imogen who got me on Muddy Matches in the first place back in 2014” Carole tells us. “I was hoping to escape to the country for a better quality of life after my divorce and I actually met a lovely farmer friend on Muddy Matches. He was a lovely man, so I moved to Herefordshire with my 90-year-old mum in tow to be nearer to him a year later”.

Two years on from introducing her mum to all the benefits of online dating, and following mum’s well-trodden lead, daughter Imogen, fresh from finishing university, decided to jump in with both muddy feet herself with the intent on ‘a change of scenery’ and to ‘start a new chapter in life’.

Having moved back in with mum, Imogen soon realised she too had a familiar penchant for farmers – just like a mum.

Not only did she connect with her very own muddy Mr Right, in the form of local beef farmer Hugh, but, after ploughing through the ups and downs that come with a farming lifestyle and rural life, she has since settled into a family life with him over the past 3 years.

“My daughter and her own muddy match are very happy together. They have gone on to move in together fairly locally in Gloucestershire and had a gorgeous baby son last October. Carole beams. “It means I have a happy daughter and darling grandson all thanks to Muddy Matches.”

“My first muddy relationship lasted four years, but sadly no more; we parted as friends. I have no regrets as I love living in the countryside and Herefordshire is heaven. To be honest if there’s one thing we should have learned in the pandemic, it’s to be grateful for what you have and make the best of it.

Carole has wasted little time in living up to that motto for life; she has since reconnected with an old muddy match and is looking forward to seeing where things can go when things open up again.

“I intended to start my search for that special someone on Muddy Matches again once the pandemic settled down but we discovered we are both now free and single and have been chatting for a while.

“We fully intend to meet up when we are able. He is 100% muddy as he is a farming contractor so we have a lot in common both work wise and our love of nature and the countryside. I believe it’s never too late to try or learn anything new; life is too short to be unhappy.”

Muddy Matches strike lucky again.

And as for her reasoning for putting trust in country life dating with Muddy Matches? Carole knows where her rural roots are well planted.

“I feel Muddy Matches is the only site where I will be able to meet a like-minded person situated fairly close to me, who is fit, fun, trustworthy and honest.”