Countryside Store issues new ‘every sale plants a sapling’ initiative

Monday, February 01st, 2021

The Countryside Store to reinvest profit into hedgerow regeneration as they promise customers ‘Every Sale Plants a Sapling’- and Muddy Matches are on board!

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we always have a keen eye out for ideas, initiatives, incentives, and campaigns that champion rural life and celebrate the countryside.

So, we were delighted to hear of The Countryside Store’s new ‘Every sale plants a sapling’ initiative that, at its heart, seeks to help restore and repair the nation’s 500,000 miles of hedgerow.

Their pledge is that for every purchase made on their emerging retail platform of artisan producers, small scale crafters and family run rural enterprises, the team at the Countryside Store will plant a sapling of native hedge species, including hazel, guelder rose, holly, blackthorn, dog rose and hawthorn.

As our members will know, hedgerows play an important role within the British landscape and act as a safe haven, instrumental to their survival, for thousands of wildlife species – but the volume of hedgerow has declined by 50% since the end of World War II. They provide ideal cover for livestock, nesting birds, crops and reduces wind speed which can prevent land erosion.

The replanting project, especially one that also encourages the ‘Buy British, Buy Local’ message, is a welcome, and relevant, incentive and one Muddy Matches are supportive of. Family run with roots firmly set-in country life, we share many similarities with The Countryside Store when it comes to the traditional and honest values we work to. They are values that the countryside consumer can trust.

After reviews of several other more mainstream retail platforms, such as Amazon marketplace, etsy, thortful, funky pigeon and moonpig, Muddy Matches found The Countryside Store to be a more ‘homely’ and natural fit on which to exclusively stock and sell our new collection of Valentine’s Day cards that take a cheeky look at country life in its many forms.

Interest and early sales have been such that Muddy Matches have already been able to contribute over 110 new saplings to The Countryside Store’s mission and we are excited about the value our own little store can play in the initiative going forward.

With our singletons’ support by way of orders on The Countryside Store – be it with us or many hundreds of the other artisan providers, we are sure we can boost numbers.